Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Association with Caoba Farms in Antigua Guatemala


I am pleased to report that we have also been able to work in association with Caoba Farms in Antigua Guatemala, in raising and delivering excellent mixed lettuce greens and other organic vegetables.

They have a excellent, long-standing business using organic growing techniques and also raise organic chickens, eggs, ducks, meat and more. It's a wonderful place to go to for a day trip and welcome volunteers! On many Saturdays they have festivals and fairs selling all kinds of natural products, delicious meals and more. We will be developing the same kind of business here in Panajachel and we thank them for "lighting the way."

We also hope to create the organic growers association for Lake Atitlan this year in 2015, sharing seeds, tips and techniques and planting lists for harvest.

Anyone who wants a custom order for growing let us know and we will be happy to do so. We will also have organic chickens and eggs coming soon, with regular orders welcome.

We sell to individuals, schools, local stores such as Sandra's and Chalos in Panajachel. Call if you would like delivery to your door.

We will be expanding growing organics to our property on Calle Santa Catarina, across from Residentiales Jucanya, and are pleased to accept volunteers who want to learn more about organic gardening, or miss their own gardens at home.

Contact our manager Cristian at 7762-1004 to make an appointment to visit and explore!

He can also email a price list with our current crop with planting dates and proposed harvest dates. Bear in mind the weather is the largest factor, but because we work with other growers we can usually supply whatever is requested.

Happy New Year in 2015 to everyone! We hope your Christmas was full of love and fond memories.

Catherine Todd

office tel (502) 7762-1004, Panajachel

NOTE: All our organic lettuce and vegetables are ready to eat! Triple washed or more and disinfected. No additional washing is required.