Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Atitlan Organics Product List

We will be working with Atitlan Organics in Tzununa, near Santa Cruz la Laguna,  and I am pleased to post their product price list. We will probably have deliveries twice a week here in Panajachel, so put your orders in early! Call us at 7762-1004 or email: info@PanajachelOrganics.com. 

We will add on a small amount to cover cost of delivery to and in Pana.

Atitlan Organics Product List (Prices do not include delivery)

- Organic Salad Mix- Contains mixed Baby Lettuce Varieties, Sorrell, Cranberry Hibiscus, Arugula, Daikon leaves, and various edible flowers. Triple Washed in filtered, potable, spring water.

- Organic Stir Fry/Cooking Greens Mix- Contains Several Kale Varieties, Amaranth leaves, Green and Red Mustards, Sweet Potato Leaves, and Daikon Leaves.

Prices for Salads and Cooking Greens:
- Retail (washed and bagged in 4oz bags): Q40 per pound
- Can do individual items from mix above at the same price, upon special order.

- Organic Raw Goats Milk- From happy, pasture raised goats, very clean and nutritious.
- Organic Goats Yogurt- Thin and very rich in probiotics, this yogurt is great for smoothies and with granola. Helps against parasites and other stomach illnesses.

Prices for Goats Milk and Yogurt:
- Retail (Half Liter Glass Bottle): Q20

We also have eggs, honey, honey wine, probiotic ginger beer, turkeys in season, goat meat in season, various medicinal and culinary herbs, and other things, but in smaller quantities.

Plus delivery: probably around Q10 to Q15 per order.

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