Monday, May 5, 2014

Panajachel ~ organic seeds, vegetables & flowers

Welcome to Our Website!
Contact English: Catherine Todd,, office tel (502) 7762-1004
Espanol: Technico Permacultor: Cristian Alinan, cel (502) 5739-4157
Residentiales Jucanya, Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America

Panajachel Organics

We sell organic vegetables & flowers ~ Que Dios te bendiga

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We are a brand new business in Panajachel growing organic vegetables and flowers. Right now we are growing vegetables for salad and juice (see recipes posted below). All our plants are grown organically. We do not use chemical fertilizers of any kind. We grow with all natural materials including leaf mold,  enriched loam soil, red earthworms and composted nutrients for yours and our plants best health.

Anyone who is interested in buying or selling, please contact us at 

We have our first organic chicken who we hope will begin laying in two more months, and we are actively seeking people who are raising organic chickens and eggs. We are also building an organic heirloom seed catalog from plants we are growing and seeds we have collected or brought from other locations. We are very excited about this and hope many people will participate as well!

Right now we have a small, select supply of organic vegetables including lettuce ready for sale. We are specifically growing salad vegetables and vegetables for organic juicing.

Email us to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, or call anytime for more information.

We have space for volunteers who wish to learn organic gardening where students young and old can learn to plant and grow organic vegetables Their Own without chemicals of any kind. There will be a small fee for the course. Tools and a delicious, organic lunch will be provided and students will share in the harvest every 60 to 90 days. Bring your own gloves.

All course fees are re-invested in expanding our organic gardens, purchasing organic materials, heirloom seeds, and developing small space urban farming techniques for everyone to use. We will be posting a newsletter with what vegetables are coming into harvest at what time.

For special vegetables, plants or custom orders, bring us the seed or let us know your preferences. 

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Growing seedlings & our first organic vegetable bed with Cristian harvesting crops!
March 2014

Cristian Alinan, Technico Permacultor, holding ten bunches of organic lettuce
April 25, 2014

Our first sale of organic lettuce, 25 April 2014. We've only just begun!

Spanish translation available when I can find out how to use google automatic translation! Email for Espanol.

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